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"To foster greater understanding and appreciation by all people of Weatherford and its surrounding communities of the fine, applied, and performing arts and the humanities."

The Weatherford Arts Council Association was incorporated as an Oklahoma non-profit organization on October 19, 1993 with a document signed by its founding officers: Rose Ratcliffe, Patricia Morrison, Michael Connelly, and John Hays.

By-Laws of the Weatherford Arts Council

Since its founding, the Weatherford Arts Council has held regular meetings at four locations in Weatherford: the Alterra Sterling House, the Weatherford City Hall, the President's Conference Room at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and the Weatherford Public Library. The council is currently in negotiations that could move its meeting place and offices to the SWOSU Main Street facility. By tradition, the August meeting is held annually at the home of the sitting president.


Amanda Smith, President
Jamie Williams, Vice President
Jason Dupree, Secretary
Jon Fischer, Treasurer
Rose Ratcliffe, Board Member
Tugba Sevin, Board Member
Denise Landrum-Geyer, Past President


Jeanine Berrong
Kevin Collins
Torrey Curtis
Jared Deck
Alli Dube
Hector Garza
John Hays
Linda Hays
Jackie Hazel
Seth Hubbard
E.K. Jeong
Robin Jones
John Kokalis
Evette Meliza
Colin Murphy
Maxine Page
Todd Parker
Cynthia Peña
Valerie Reimers
James South
Callie Waldrop

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